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Navigating Your Full-time SEO Job with SEO Freelancing

Updated: Mar 10

In the fast-paced digital realm, where SEO is the pulsating heart of online visibility, the pursuit of growth often leads professionals down a dual path - nurturing a full-time career while embracing freelance opportunities. It's a dance of dedication, a balance between loyalty and personal ambition. But how does one maintain equilibrium without missing a step?

full-time vs SEO freelancing

The Dual Dance: Harmonising Full-time and Freelance Responsibilities

When a skilled individual joins your team, it’s akin to a symphony finding its missing violinist – the harmony is palpable. Yet, as their hands itch to play solo pieces as well, navigating this concerto of career and freelance becomes pivotal.

Drawing the Line: Guidelines for Harmonious Juggling

Setting clear boundaries and expectations is crucial. As an SEO trainer and mentor, I've seen the spark in the eyes of SEO experts when they talk about side projects. Their passion is admirable, but without clarity, it can lead to a cacophony.

Here are the staves upon which we should write these guidelines:

  • Contractual Clarity: Outline what is acceptable and what isn’t from the get-go.

  • Transparent Communication: Ensure all freelance activities are known and approved by the employer.

  • Complementary Learning: Embrace freelance work that enhances the employee’s skill set, benefiting the full-time role.

  • The Employer’s Perspective: Embracing External Endeavours

It’s vital for employers to understand the value of allowing their talent to explore. It’s a sentiment shared by Josh Peacock...

“If you think that you're going to learn a lot more from it and you can bring a lot to the company, then I don’t think there’s any reason why not.”

When Freelancing Crosses the Threshold

Concern arises when the side hustle overshadows the main stage. For those in significant roles, such as the SEO Director I recently heard about earning a grand salary, there’s an unspoken rule - your freelance work should not cast a shadow on your primary responsibilities.

The Ethos of Transparency

Operating in stealth mode isn’t an option. Transparency is non-negotiable...

"Do not do it behind anybody’s back."

Josh cautions. It’s sage advice – secrets in the professional sphere are like search engines without indexes; they'll eventually be uncovered.


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