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The Unscripted SEO Interview Podcast, hosted by Mark A Preston!

As an SEO trainer & speaker, Mark meets and gets to know some amazing people within the world of SEO on his travels around the world. Some of the stories and journeys he's heard are truly inspirational. In The Unscripted SEO Interview Podcast, Mark invites people who work within the SEO industry to jump on a pre-recorded video call to ask them a few questions and see where the conversation takes us. As the name suggests, this is 100% unscripted, unrehearsed and even unedited as Mark believes more value and stories will be shared.

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The amazing SEO talent who have been interviewed by Mark A Preston

(Click on the person's name to watch their unscripted SEO interview)

Erika Varangouli

Erika Varangouli on Blending SEO, Brand, and Content for Success

Content, SEO and Branding

Ex Semrush

Kev Wiles

The Life of an Ecommerce Tech SEO Freelancer with Kev Wiles

Freelance SEO Consultant


Cory Beevers

Cory Beevers: From SEO Apprentice to Performance Marketing Director

Performance Marketing Director

The UGC Agency

Brie E Anderson

Going Deep into Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with Brie E Anderson


BEAST Analytics

Harry Evans

The Focused Audience-First SEO Growth Mindset with Harry Evans



Nikki Pilkington

The Non-wanky Approach to Small Business SEO with Nikki Pilkington

SEO & Content Consultant

Kevin Gibbons

The Challenges and Highlights of SEO Agency Growth with Kevin Gibbons

Founder & CEO


Edd Dawson

Affiliate Marketing Growth within Large Markets with Edd Dawson


Compton Media

Lily Ray

Lily Ray Shares the Hard Truth and Reality of the SEO Industry

Senior SEO Director


Cyrus Shepard

SEO from the Eyes of a Google Quality Rater with Cyrus Shepard



Kristina Azarenko

Mastering Technical SEO with Kristina Azarenko: The Insider Strategies



Crystal Carter

The Scientificness of SEO with Crystal Carter from Wix

Head of SEO Comms


Cindy Krum

The Evolution of Mobile Search Marketing with Cindy Krum

Founder & CEO


James Dooley

Scaling a 9-Figure SEO Driven Lead Generation Business with James Dooley




Merging Business ROI into SEO with Jeremy Rivera

Director of Content Analysis


Kristine Schachinger

Forensic SEO with Kristine Schachinger: Deep Dive into Google

Forensic SEO Consultant

Silent Without Walls

Nina Payne - SEO Lady

Unmasking the SEO Lady: Nina Payne's Impressive SEO Career Journey


SEO Lady

Mike Blumenthal

Advanced Local SEO: Going Beyond the Foundations with Mike Blumenthal


Kasra Dash

Recovering from the Google Update Storm with Kasra Dash



Charles Floate

Charles Floate on ROI & Revenue Focused SEO: Pushing The Boundaries

SEO Consultant & Trainer

Charles Floate Training

Ryan Jones

From Junior SEO to Marketing Manager: The Honest Career Story of Ryan Jones

Marketing Manager


Joe Davies

FATJOE Uncovered: Inside the No.1 SEO Marketplace with founder Joe Davies



Danny Richman

Artificial Intelligence Meets SEO: Danny Richman's Unbelievable Journey

Digital Business Consultant

Richman SEO Training

Martin MacDonald

Martin MacDonald: The Enterprise SEO Titan Who's Changing the Game



Tom Marriott

Misunderstood SEO: Tom Marriott, The SEO Punk, Reveals All

Digital Marketing Director



Bootstrapping a technical SEO tool with Julia and Serge from JetOctopus



Dixon Jones

Behind the Scenes with Dixon Jones: The Unseen World of Entity SEO



Nick LeRoy

Nick LeRoy's Insider View: The Reality of Living the SEO Freelancing Life

Freelance SEO Consultant

Nick LeRoy Consulting

Josh Peacock

Josh Peacock's Unfiltered Take on SEO Recruitment - You Won't Believe It

CEO & Co-Founder

SEO For Hire

Kate Toon

How Kate Toon is Shaping the Digital Landscape: Creative Copywriting Meets SEO

Digital Marketing Coach

Kate Tooned Inc

Neil Patel

Behind the 9-Figure Empire: Neil Patel's Secret to SEO Success


NP Digital

Joy Hawkins

Joy Hawkins: The Woman Behind Sterling Sky - Groundbreaking Local SEO Insights

Owner & Founder

Sterling Sky Inc

Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz: The SEO News Editor with 40,000 Stories to Tell

CEO & President


Rand Fishkin

From SEO Pioneer to Audience Research Champ: Rand Fishkin's Epic Journey



Jason Barnard

Brand SERP Bombshells: Jason Barnard's Exclusive Tips and Tricks

Author & CEO


Sam Partland

Living the Dream: Sam Partland's Programmatic SEO Nomad Life

Programmatic SEO Consultant

Sammy SEO

Lidia Infante

Meet Lidia Infante: The Unstoppable Force Changing the Face of SEO

Senior SEO Manager

Simon Schnieders

Simon Schnieders Reveals Hidden Truths About Running a Large SEO Agency

Founder & CEO

Blue Array SEO

Grant Simmons

The Incredible Switch: Grant Simmons' SEO Journey from Corporate to Freedom

Freelance SEO Consultant

Grant Simmons SEO

Mordy Oberstein

Podcast Royalty Revealed: Mordy Oberstein's Reign on SEO

Head of SEO Branding


Do you work within the SEO industry and have an amazing story to share?

SEO Podcast, hosted by Mark A Preston

You don't have to be an SEO influencer or top SEO personality for Mark A Preston to interview you. If you work within the SEO industry and have a personal story to share that you think the industry will find interesting, just fill the form in below to see if it a good fit for The Unscripted SEO Interview Podcast.

Thank you for contacting me. As you can imagine, I'm a busy person and will get back to you ASAP.

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