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The Focused Audience-First SEO Growth Mindset with Harry Evans

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Harry Evans

Harry Evans, Co-founder of TwelveTwentyFive

Introducing Harry Evans, the dynamic co-founder of TwelveTwentyFive, an agency that redefines growth marketing with an audience-first approach. With an impressive journey that spans over a decade in the digital marketing realm, Harry's career is a testament to his adaptability, innovation, and unyielding commitment to excellence.

Beginning his foray into the world of digital marketing fresh out of school, Harry's path was anything but ordinary. From potentially donning the hat of a postman to exploring the confines of chilly warehouses, his career trajectory took a fortunate turn the moment he stepped into the warm, vibrant environment of his first marketing agency. It was here, amidst the hum of iMacs and the casual attire of his colleagues, that Harry discovered his calling.

His early days, marked by the quintessential rookie mistake of overdressing, quickly evolved into a period of profound learning and growth. Under the mentorship of industry stalwarts, including the pivotal figure of Brendan Gilbert, Harry honed his skills across a spectrum of digital marketing disciplines. His tenure at Aira, a hub of creativity and innovation, saw him embrace a myriad of roles—from paid media expert to associate director of digital—each fostering his expertise in SEO, PPC, email automation, and inbound marketing.

Beyond the technical prowess, Harry's philosophy centres on the power of communication and organisation. He believes these pillars are not just foundational but critical to the success of any business, a principle that has guided his approach to building and nurturing teams.

In July 2023, driven by the vision of creating a bespoke agency experience, Harry, alongside Brendan, embarked on the entrepreneurial journey of establishing TwelveTwentyFive. Their mission? To champion an audience-first strategy, recognising the shifting paradigms within the industry and leveraging these insights to deliver unparalleled value to their clients.

At TwelveTwentyFive, Harry applies his vast experience, working with platforms like HubSpot, Pardot, and IBM Marketing Cloud, to drive revenue growth for B2B and eCommerce businesses. His approach is not just about developing digital marketing efforts but transforming them into significant revenue drivers.

Seven months into this venture, Harry's blend of enthusiasm, strategic acumen, and a relentless pursuit of innovation continues to fuel TwelveTwentyFive's success. His journey from a tentative newcomer in the digital space to a visionary leader exemplifies the essence of growth, resilience, and the power of seizing every opportunity with both hands.

The Unscripted SEO Interview Podcast with Harry Evans

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Unscripted Audience-First SEO Growth Q&As with Mark A Preston and Harry Evans

What is audience-first growth marketing?

It involves understanding and prioritising the needs and behaviours of the target audience to guide marketing strategies, ensuring content and outreach efforts resonate more effectively.

How has SEO evolved from traditional tactics?

SEO now encompasses a more holistic approach, integrating creative content strategies and understanding audience engagement patterns beyond mere keyword optimisation.

What's the significance of direct communication with clients and their customers?

It allows for a deeper understanding of their needs, enabling the creation of tailored strategies that address specific challenges and opportunities.

How do new technologies impact content consumption?

They necessitate adapting strategies to include varied content forms, like short-form videos, to meet audience preferences across different platforms.

How do you integrate new platforms into an existing marketing strategy?

It involves evaluating the platform's alignment with the audience's preferences and gradually incorporating relevant content types to maintain engagement.

What role does analytics play in shaping marketing strategies?

Analytics provide insights into audience behaviour, enabling data-driven decisions to optimise content and outreach efforts for better results.

Can traditional SEO techniques still be effective in today's digital landscape?

While foundational, traditional SEO needs to be complemented with innovative approaches to remain effective amidst evolving search algorithms and user expectations.

How does user experience impact SEO?

User experience is crucial as it affects engagement metrics and user satisfaction, which are important factors for search engine rankings.

What's the future of voice search in SEO?

Voice search is becoming more prevalent, necessitating optimisation for conversational queries and local search terms.

How important is mobile optimisation for websites today?

It's essential, given the increasing use of mobile devices for internet access, impacting both user experience and search rankings.

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