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Your SEO Job Hunt: Crafting the Perfect Cover Letter

Updated: Mar 10

As an SEO professional, the thought of job hunting can often feel like navigating through a complex algorithm – you need to be just right to rank at the top of a prospective employer's list. Today, I’m going to share with you a conversation I had with Josh Peacock that might just revolutionise the way you approach applying for your next SEO role – with a focus on the often-overlooked art of crafting the perfect cover letter.

SEO job hunt

Beyond the CV: The Power of a Persuasive Cover Letter

The humble CV may have once been the cornerstone of job applications, but in the dynamic world of SEO, it’s no longer the sole hero of our story. As Josh puts it...

"The CV is a quick glance tool; the real narrative is in your cover letter."

Let’s break down what this means for an aspiring SEO Manager.

Building Your Story

When aiming for a role like SEO Manager, here's how your cover letter can make a striking impact:

  • Highlight Leadership: Detail the teams you’ve managed, the roles within those teams, and how you led them to success.

  • Showcase Your Wins: Don't just tell them you're great, show them. Include clear, quantifiable successes from past projects.

  • Personalise Your Journey: Construct your cover letter as a narrative of your professional journey, highlighting your growth and key milestones.

The Digital Extension: LinkedIn

In the SEO realm, your digital presence can be as telling as your direct application. To extend the narrative of your cover letter:

  • Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile: Ensure your LinkedIn profile complements your cover letter and showcases your professional persona.

  • Be Active and Engaged: Regular activity on LinkedIn can illustrate your passion for SEO and your commitment to staying abreast of industry trends.

Your Action Plan

As you prepare to apply for your next SEO role, consider these steps:

  • Draft a Compelling Cover Letter: Use this to narrate your unique story, skills, and successes.

  • Refine Your CV: While it's not the star, it's still in the cast. Make sure it's concise and complements your cover letter.

  • Optimise Your LinkedIn: This is your online CV. Keep it active and reflective of your professional brand.


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