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The SEO Interview Process: An Insider Guide

Updated: Mar 10

Stepping into an interview can be daunting, especially in the fast-paced world of SEO. As someone who's interviewed countless candidates and coached even more, I've observed the pulse of the process, and today, I'm here to lift the curtain on what really happens during the SEO interview process. Let's dive into a comprehensive guide that will not only prepare you but also provide an invaluable perspective from the interviewer's side.

SEO interview

Behind the Scenes of the SEO Interview

The SEO interview process is more than just a question-and-answer session; it's an intricate dance between candidate and company, facilitated by people like me and industry colleagues such as Josh Peacock. It's a journey of discovery to see if there's a mutual fit, both in skill and spirit.

The Interview Journey

Here's what typically happens:

  • Initial Vetting: Candidates undergo a thorough screening process, ensuring their skills align with the role.

  • Personality Insights: Tools like the Culture Index, which one of our recent clients invested a hefty sum into, offer a glimpse into a candidate’s personality, aiding in matching them to the company’s culture.

  • Trust and Delegation: Some clients place their trust entirely in our hands, opting for a streamlined interview after our endorsement.

  • Deep Dive Interviews: Others prefer a meticulous multi-stage interview process involving technical audits and practical assessments.

The Essence of the Process

As Josh Peacock once remarked...

"It's about finding that alignment between a candidate's capabilities and a company's ethos."

This alignment is pivotal, and our role is to ensure it's achieved with finesse and precision.

Making the Right Impression

For those about to step into an SEO interview, here are action points to ensure you stand out:

  • Showcase Technical Proficiency: Be ready to demonstrate your SEO knowledge through practical tasks.

  • Personality Fit: Prepare to discuss how your personality traits align with the prospective company's culture.

  • Adaptability: Be flexible and show your willingness to go through either a single chemistry call or a multi-stage technical interview.


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