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SEO Career Progression: It Is About People, Not Just Profit

Updated: Mar 11

The digital realm's rapid evolution presents unique challenges and opportunities, especially in the niche of SEO. Aspiring specialists often grapple with questions about their career trajectory, looking for meaning beyond the daily grind. Mark A Preston sought answers in a deep dive with Josh Peacock, the CEO & Founder of SEO For Hire, shedding light on the essence of career growth in SEO.

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The Dilemma: Stagnation in Career Progression

The situation is all too familiar: diligent SEOs feeling cornered in their roles, aspiring for progression, but seeing no clear path. If senior roles aren't vacated, where do these passionate professionals go?

Josh provides a candid perspective:

"It's pivotal to rethink the approach. If employees aren't recognized and rewarded for their contribution, it's a failing of the system, not the individual."

Crafting a Supportive SEO Work Environment:

  • Cultivate Team Culture: Not just a buzzword, but a genuine nurturing environment where every individual's contributions are valued.

  • Roadmap of Career Growth: Beginning with a solid onboarding process, set clear expectations and growth trajectories for employees.

  • Invest in Continuous Learning: Encourage participation in SEO events, workshops, and training sessions.

  • Prioritize Relationship Building: Although the term 'family' might be debated in professional circles, strong friendships and bonds within teams are invaluable.

Just Compensation: Fair and competitive pay ensures that talent remains loyal and motivated.

"Building a thriving team culture is paramount. While HR managers and processes have their place, at the end of the day, genuine human connection is what binds a team. Recognise, reward, and retain,"

shares Josh.

Action Points for Employers:

  1. Assess Current Company Culture: Are your employees motivated and content, or do they feel stifled?

  2. Open Channels of Communication: Invite feedback, create spaces for dialogue and understanding.

  3. Prioritise Employee Well-being and Growth: Beyond salaries, look at personal and professional development opportunities.

In the heart of SEO career progression lies a simple truth: it's about nurturing human potential, not just chasing profits. Businesses that recognize this, fostering a people-first approach, will not only retain talent but thrive in the competitive digital landscape.


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