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Organically Targeting Beyond Your Geographical Location

Updated: Mar 10

As a seasoned SEO specialist and passionate advocate for organic growth, I'm always seeking answers to intricate marketing conundrums. One such riddle is the viability of targeting a town you're not physically present in. It's a strategy that evokes mixed feelings and varied outcomes, but my conversation with the astute Mike Blumenthal sheds light on the true impact of such a tactic.

geographical location

Understanding the User's Quest for Local

Imagine the person searching for a florist in their local town. The implicit message is a desire for convenience and immediacy. But if you're a business eyeing that market from afar, does your digital arrow hit the bullseye or stray off the mark?

The Category Conundrum: Deciphering Distance Tolerance

  • Simple Solutions Close to Home: For everyday needs like flowers, customers often seek the shortest route to satisfaction. In such scenarios, stretching your geographical reach may not bear fruit.

  • Critical Choices Command Commitment: For life-altering services such as legal assistance, distance takes a backseat to expertise. "People may be willing to travel an hour for that interaction," Mike points out, emphasising the weight of personal stakes.

  • The Meta Matters: Standing Out or Standing Nearby?

  • Uniformity Undermines Uniqueness: If your meta tags and descriptions echo every other contender, the allure of proximity can overshadow your distant offering.

  • Insights Over Assumptions: Knowing your market's travel threshold is key.

As Mike Blumenthal eloquently phrases it...

"It's a dialectic between the searcher and the search."

Delving into Data: A Near Media Exploration

We're venturing into uncharted territory—gauging real-world behaviours to unearth how far customers will go, both literally and digitally.

  • Category-Dependent Journeys: Search habits are not one-size-fits-all; they vary as much as the services sought.

  • User Research Reveals Realities: Through meticulous observation and analysis, we're piecing together the puzzle of preference—LSA, ads, organic reach, and local depths.

The Revelation of Research: Human Behaviour Unbound

Observing real people interact with Google has been a revelation.

"They don't do it the way I would do it."

Mike confesses, and therein lies the excitement. Our strategies must be moulded by the hands of genuine user experiences, not just theoretical expertise.


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