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Top Marketing Strategies Every Local Business Must Know

Updated: Mar 10

Navigating the bustling streets of local commerce, I, Mark A Preston, have been privy to the transformative conversations that redefine success for local businesses. One such enlightening chat with the renowned Mike Blumenthal unearthed strategies that are the linchpin of any thriving local venture. Here's how to weave these strategies into your local business fabric for a tapestry of success.

local marketing strategies

The Personal Touch: Harnessing the Power of Direct Communication

  • Build Your Database: From the very first handshake or exchange, capture your customer's email and text number. This isn't just data gathering; it's the beginning of a relationship that, if nurtured, will flourish far beyond the first transaction.

  • Service with a Smile: Remember, this isn’t about having a Rolodex of contacts; it’s about cultivating relationships. Pair every sale with an unmatched level of service that makes every customer feel like the VIP they are.

Echo Their Voice: Leveraging Feedback and Reviews

  • Ask and You Shall Receive: Instituting a review program is like setting up a two-way street where feedback flows, allowing you to fine-tune your service and letting your customers know they're heard.

  • Shine with Authenticity: Encourage reviews.

Mike Blumenthal aptly states...

"Ask for reviews so other users can see them."

Transparency isn’t just admirable – it’s magnetic, drawing in potential customers with its allure of authenticity.

The Pulse of Your Business: Keeping Customers Informed and Interested

  • Your Brand’s Bulletin: Roll out an email newsletter. This is your drumbeat, the rhythm to which your business operates, informing customers about seasonal offers, last-minute slots, or even just how their favourite staff member is doing.

The Visual Narrative: Crafting a Story Through Images

  • Yearly Photographic Chronicle: Shun the stock photos. Instead, let a professional capture the essence of your team, your products, and your services. People yearn for the human element, the glint in the eye of the person they’ll be trusting.

Community Threads: Weaving Into the Local Tapestry

  • Public Relations with a Heart: Forge a bond with the community. Support a local charity and share that story. It’s a narrative that benefits everyone involved, creating an organic, heartfelt connection between your business and its customers.

As I recount these pivotal strategies, I invite you to reflect on the emotional depth and genuine engagement they promise. This is not about following a script; it’s about writing your own, with the customer as your co-author.


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