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Topic Hubs in SEO: Striking the Balance Between Depth and Authority

Updated: Mar 11

While diving deep into the digital space, I had the pleasure of discussing a hot SEO topic with Kasra Dash, a renowned website recovery specialist. We delved into the phenomenon of topic hubs and the potential pitfalls of going too deep.

content topic hubs

The Allure of Topic Hubs

In the quest to be the go-to authority on a subject, there's a growing trend where websites are churning out content - a plethora of articles, tackling every conceivable angle of a topic. This might sound like a commendable approach on the surface, but as Kasra and I explored, it's essential to question: Are we, as SEO specialists, going overboard?

"There's a difference between being comprehensive and being overwhelming. It's about logical and strategic thinking, not just volume."

Kasra Dash aptly puts it.

The Goldilocks Principle in Content Creation:

  • Audit with Precision: Utilise tools like Screaming Frog to identify which pages are driving traffic. If they're performing well, they're probably serving their purpose.

  • Quality Over Quantity: If you've inundated your site with, say, 600 articles on gardening but only a fraction are engaging users, it's time to reassess. Are these articles truly relevant? If not, it might be time to prune or merge them.

  • Optimise Crawl Budget: Google rewards efficiency. As Kasra mentioned, "Google wants each page on your site to provide value. If it consistently finds non-performing pages, it's a red flag." Ensure every page serves a purpose, and you're not just chasing perceived search volume.

Coverage vs Authority: A Crucial Distinction

One of the most enlightening points of our chat was the differentiation between topical coverage and topical authority. While coverage is about breadth, authority is about depth and trustworthiness. Kasra Dash emphasised:

"In the race to cover a topic, many confuse sheer volume with authority. But true authority comes from value, relevance, and engagement, not just quantity."

In the world of SEO, it's not about ticking boxes but about meaningful engagement. As we embark on the journey of content creation, it's essential to remember this distinction.


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