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SEO Audits are the Thrill of SEO Problem Solving

Updated: Mar 14

In the intricate world of SEO, the process of conducting audits is akin to embarking on a treasure hunt. Each audit presents a unique challenge, a puzzle to be solved, revealing opportunities for improvement and strategies for growth. I recently delved into this topic with Lily Ray, who shared her passion for the audit process and the bespoke approach her team takes to uncover the digital potential of their clients. This post explores the excitement and complexity of SEO audits, providing insights into how they can transform a business's online presence.

SEO audits

The Unique Challenge of SEO Audits

SEO audits are exhaustive, often culminating in comprehensive reports that span over a hundred pages. Unlike the standard practices of many agencies, which might rely on templates or automated checklists, Lily emphasises the importance of a tailored approach. Each audit is crafted to address the specific circumstances of the client, involving a deep dive into their website using a variety of tools and analytical methods. This bespoke strategy ensures that the recommendations are not only relevant but also actionable and aligned with the client's unique digital landscape.

The Thrill of Discovery

For Lily and many within the SEO profession, the excitement of audits comes from the process of discovery. Unearthing issues that a client wasn't aware of or identifying missed opportunities can be incredibly rewarding. It's about piecing together the puzzle of a website's performance, understanding its intricacies, and devising a strategy that will propel it forward. This process is not just about highlighting what's wrong; it's about envisioning what's possible.

The Value of a Second Set of Eyes

Even the most sophisticated SEO teams can benefit from a fresh perspective. Lily finds particular enjoyment in projects where established brands seek an external audit. These brands, despite having robust SEO practices, understand the value of a second set of eyes. This external review can confirm their current strategies' effectiveness, identify overlooked opportunities, or introduce new tactics that could further enhance their online presence. It's a testament to the idea that in SEO, there's always room for improvement, no matter how advanced the team.

The Complexity of Strategy

The strategic element of SEO audits is both the most challenging and the most rewarding part of the process. Moving beyond basic recommendations like keyword optimization in metadata, Lily and her team delve into the broader SEO strategy. This can involve everything from content planning and link-building strategies to technical SEO fixes and user experience improvements. Crafting these strategies is a complex task, one that requires a deep understanding of SEO principles, a keen analytical mind, and a creative approach to problem-solving.

Actionable Steps for Conducting Effective SEO Audits

  1. Go Beyond Templates: While templates can provide a starting point, ensure each audit is customised to the client's specific needs and situation.

  2. Use a Variety of Tools: Employ a range of SEO tools to gather comprehensive data on the client's website. This can include analytics platforms, crawling tools, and competitor analysis software.

  3. Focus on Strategy: Look beyond surface-level fixes and consider the client's broader SEO strategy. How can their overall online presence be improved?

  4. Provide Actionable Recommendations: Ensure that your audit report includes clear, actionable steps that the client can take to improve their SEO performance.

  5. Offer a Fresh Perspective: Remember the value of a second set of eyes. Even if you're auditing your own work, try to approach it from a new angle or consider bringing in an external consultant for an unbiased review.

SEO audits are much more than a routine check-up; they are a critical component of a successful SEO strategy. By adopting a custom, comprehensive approach to audits, SEO professionals can uncover hidden opportunities, address challenges, and guide their clients towards sustained online growth. As Lily Ray's experiences reveal, the audit process is not just about identifying issues—it's about unlocking potential.


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