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Forensic SEO: A Deep Dive into The Google Algorithm

Updated: Mar 10

In my recent conversation with Kristine Schachinger, an expert in forensic SEO, we delved into the complex world of site auditing, recovery, and the intricacies of tackling algorithm changes. Her insights provide a fascinating look into the depths of SEO that often go unseen but are crucial for any website's success.

forensic SEO

The Essence of Forensic SEO

  • Beyond Basic Auditing: Forensic SEO isn't just about basic site health checks. It's a deep dive into the site’s very core, particularly when it’s hit by algorithm changes or penalized. Kristine emphasised the importance of customizing the SEO strategy post-audit, avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach.

  • Recovering from Algorithmic Changes and Manual Actions: Kristine shared compelling examples, including a site that had been down for 24 months due to a manual action. Through meticulous analysis and strategic adjustments, they successfully restored the site's traffic.

Unravelling Complex SEO Challenges

  • Tackling Unusual Anomalies: Kristine's approach involves hunting down anomalies that often lead to significant site issues. One striking example was discovering a cross-scripting vulnerability that linked a reputable business site to a pornographic site, an issue that lingered unnoticed for years.

  • The Danger of Unregulated User-Generated Content: In another case, an open search box on a client's site created indexable pages with user-entered keywords, leading to an accumulation of spam pages over two decades. This situation highlighted the risks associated with unregulated user-generated content.

5 Key Takeaways for Effective SEO Recovery

  1. Always Audit First: Before implementing any SEO strategy, a thorough audit is critical to identify underlying issues and tailor your approach effectively.

  2. Look for Anomalies: Unusual patterns or anomalies in data can be the key to uncovering major site issues.

  3. Tackle Manual Actions Promptly: Addressing manual actions requires a focused approach, often necessitating multiple attempts for complete recovery.

  4. Monitor User-Generated Content: Keep a close eye on user-generated content to prevent your site from being compromised.

  5. Document Page Creation: For sites using technologies like React, it's crucial to keep a record of each created page to avoid invisible spam build-up.


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