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Managing User-Generated Content on Your Google Business Profile

Updated: Mar 10

As a seasoned SEO trainer, the ebbs and flows of digital marketing are as familiar to me as the back of my hand. Yet, there's a certain unpredictability that keeps me on my toes—managing user-generated content (UGC) on Google Business Profiles.

user generated content

The Uninvited Digital Footprints

Imagine walking into your business one morning to find that a passer-by has pinned a poster to your window. It’s not related to your services, nor does it speak of your brand’s story. That’s the online equivalent of unrelated images and updates being added to your Google Business Profile by those who don't truly represent your customer base. As I often say, wading through this "unrelated rubbish" can be quite the ordeal.

Why Does Google Open the Floodgates?

Advanced local SEO pro, Mike Blumenthal puts it succinctly...

"Google has a lot of faith in their ability... Faith beyond their actual capability to parse what's meaningful information and what isn't."

Google’s intent is noble—they aim for the freshest, most up-to-date listings, hoping to weave a rich tapestry of multiple data points. But the result? A headache for business owners.

Streamlining the Chaos: Tools to the Rescue

How does one keep a vigilant eye without drowning in the sea of notifications? My advice—embrace the tools designed for this very purpose. Services like WhiteSpark and PlePer have been lifesavers for many of my clients. They keep a watchful eye on your listing, nudging you only when necessary.

Navigating User-Generated Content with Grace

  • Stay Alert: Regularly monitor your Google Business Profile. The early bird catches the worm—or in this case, the unrelated content.

  • Employ Smart Tools: Invest in tools that alert you to changes on your listing. This is especially crucial if your business has multiple locations.

  • Respond Wisely: Not every piece of UGC deserves a response. Evaluate the impact and respond or dispute accordingly.

  • Educate Your Customers: Encourage your genuine customers to share their experiences and photos. Their authentic voices are your best defence against irrelevance.

The Art of Digital Diplomacy

"They want multiple sources of information, and then they throw it all together with their magical AI and decide what's real."

Mike mused. It's about striking a balance between leveraging this user-generated dynamism and maintaining the integrity of your brand’s digital presence.


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