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A Thriving Lead Generation Site Beyond the SEO Norm

Updated: Mar 10

In an ocean of templated SEO strategies and checklist methodologies, the craft of creating a successful lead generation site requires more than just ticking boxes. It demands intuition, experience, and a robust understanding of how the digital world operates.

lead generation website

A Blueprint for Building a Robust Lead Generation Site

From the get-go, it’s apparent that the run-of-the-mill approach is off the table. Charles Floate voices a candid insight:

"You'll do what works."

This isn't about conforming to a pre-set list of SEO tasks; it's about constructing an entity that resonates authority and trust from its inception.

Foundations First: A Holistic Approach to Website Launch

  • Complete Website Readiness: When the website goes live, it should appear fully-formed in the eyes of both users and search engines—homepages, category pages, and even the legal mumbo-jumbo all polished and primed for action.

  • Speed and Optimisation: Not only does the content need to be in place, but the technical machinery behind the scenes—site speed and user experience—should be running like a Swiss watch.

  • Building Trust with Google: Establishing Authority from Day One

  • Citation and Social Proof: Leveraging social profiles and citations, the site begins to stitch itself into the fabric of the internet.

Entity Stacking: Utilizing Google’s own repository of trusted sources, like knowledge panels, to boost the site’s reputation is crucial.

Content and Links: A Dance of Quality and Relevance

Charles outlines a strategy that moves away from direct link building to money pages, instead fostering a web of high-quality, supportive blog content that links internally to those pivotal pages.

  • Topical Authority Through Content: Implementing a blog content campaign that’s based on a carefully crafted topical map ensures relevance and depth.

  • Selective Link Building: Analysing which pages require backlinks and strategically building those links towards supportive content rather than directly to conversion pages.

This methodology is about laying a solid foundation and then weaving a web of relevance and trust around your site. Charles Floate's approach is not about gaming the system but rather making your site so robust, authoritative, and interlinked that Google can’t help but take notice.


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