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Mastering the Maze of Internal Linking: Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Updated: Mar 11

The digital world is an ever-evolving landscape, and as professionals, we are constantly learning. Recently, I had a heart-to-heart conversation with Kasra Dash, a well-regarded website recovery specialist. We delved deep into the topic of internal linking and its potential pitfalls.

internal linking

Are You Just Linking Keywords Together?

Kasra voiced a concern that many may resonate with. Numerous sites, in an attempt at internal linking, simply search for pages with matching words and link them together. This, unfortunately, lacks strategic thought and genuine SEO understanding.

As he rightly puts it, "There's no logic or anything behind it." True, there's a benefit in interconnectedness, but without purpose, we're merely creating a web without a spider.

The Untapped Potential of Google Search Console

Ask any SEO enthusiast about their top tools, and Google Search Console (GSC) will undoubtedly feature on the list. Yet, many are not harnessing its full potential. Kasra highlights a pertinent example: an individual with hundreds of pages, all internal linking to one primary keyword. This method is not only myopic but deprives the site of ranking for a plethora of secondary keywords.

Action Points for Refined Internal Linking:

  1. Dive Deep into GSC: Load your page and explore secondary keywords. Refrain from singular keyword fixation.

  2. Diversify Your Anchor Texts: Using variations like 'best Men's Running shoes' or 'running shoes for hiking' can make a difference. Kasra rightly notes, "Theme that page; don't just use your primary keyword all the time."

  3. Break Free from Outdated Practices: Linking in the first sentence with one recurring keyword? Time for an update. As Kasra urges, "Why don't you use a secondary keyword or a partial? It doesn't always need to be an exact match."

Kasra's Golden Quote:

"The art of internal linking isn't just about connections; it's about creating meaningful pathways for both search engines and users."

Embracing the essence of internal linking is crucial. It's not just a task to be ticked off a list but a strategy to be mastered.


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