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Organic Visibility: Google Business Profiles vs Websites

Updated: Mar 10

In the world of digital marketing, where every click can pivot the trajectory of your business, understanding where your organic exposure originates from is crucial. Is it your meticulously crafted website or your Google Business Profile that's the beacon drawing in potential clients? As I delve into this topic with expert Mike Blumenthal, a pattern emerges—one that's neither black nor white but depends on the nuances of need and category.

organic visibility

The Influential Divide of Digital Realms

It's an era where the battleground for visibility is split between the structured storytelling of websites and the dynamic interaction of Google Business Profiles. Here's a closer look at each contender:

The Website: Your Digital Handshake

When the stakes are high and the decisions deeply personal—such as choosing an employment lawyer—the website becomes an anchor in the storm. As Mike Blumenthal states...

"For high consideration queries...a website is incredibly important."

It's about trust, credibility, and providing in-depth information when one's life or career hangs in the balance.

Google Business Profile: The Local Champion

Conversely, for more routine, yet critical choices like selecting a healthcare provider, the Google Business Profile takes centre stage. Here, proximity, accessibility, and peer impressions through reviews become the deciding factors.

Interestingly, Mike notes...

"People went very deep into the local finder... They didn’t just pick from the top three."

The Organic Visibility Dance: A Choreography of Factors

  • Reviews Matter: Your digital reputation is often gauged by the quality and quantity of your reviews.

  • Depth Over Position: Being in the top three is great, but don't underestimate the investigative prowess of potential clients—they go beyond the first few options.

  • Category Counts: The importance of your website versus your Google Business Profile varies greatly depending on the service or product you offer.

Google's Ranking Riddle: More Than Meets the Eye

Google doesn't just rank your local listing in isolation. As Mike puts it...

"Google can't rank your local listing...without having any sources to do that."

It's a complex mix—a cocktail of your website's content, news articles, and reviews across the web that informs Google's understanding of your business's relevance and prominence.

The Verdict: Collaboration Over Competition

Neither your website nor your Google Business Profile should stand alone. Each has a role, a season, and a reason to be the focus depending on the customer's journey. Recognizing this digital duet is key to mastering organic visibility.


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