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Embrace Surrounding Towns Online Without a New Storefront

Updated: Mar 10

In the heart of every local business beats the desire to grow—not just in size, but in reach. As I, Mark A Preston, pondered over this with Mike Blumenthal, a seasoned expert in local search, we unravelled a plan not bound by brick-and-mortar limitations but empowered by digital strategies to embrace surrounding towns.

new storefront

The Strategic Blueprint to Broader Horizons

Expanding your local business beyond its physical location doesn't necessarily require the opening of new stores. With careful planning and strategic digital marketing, you can attract customers from neighbouring towns and increase your business's footprint.

  • Assess and Identify: Begin with a data-driven approach. Use AdWords to identify which nearby markets hold the most potential. This invaluable insight can shape your expansion strategy with precision.

  • Select and Concentrate: Focus on markets that show promise. Rather than casting a wide net, concentrate your resources on areas where data indicates a likelihood of success.

The Digital Toolkit for Expansion Without Physical Presence

  • Web Pages as Digital Storefronts: For each target location, create dedicated web pages. These pages should be rich in local keywords and designed to attract organic traffic from those specific markets.

  • Supplement with Paid Ads: While nurturing organic growth, don't hesitate to bolster your presence with targeted AdWords campaigns, supplementing your SEO efforts where it proves profitable.

Invest Wisely, Grow Smartly

  • Measure Profitability: If a market is exceptionally lucrative, consider the possibility of a physical location. But remember, investment decisions should be grounded in concrete data and clear profit potential.

  • Optimise and Experiment: For markets that don't warrant a physical presence, optimising your web pages and continuing with targeted Google Ads can yield significant results.

Choosing Your Digital Battles

Not every market will provide the returns you seek. It's crucial to be selective and invest your time and resources where they will have the most impact. As Mike Blumenthal says...

"Not all tangential markets are going to be that profitable, and so you need to choose your battles."


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