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Unscripted SEO: Because SEO is Not Just a Checklist

Mark A Preston - Founder of Unscripted SEO was founded by Mark A Preston, a respected SEO Advisor who has worked within the Search Engine Optimisation industry since 2001. During his extensive career he has built an agency, grown his own franchise network, helped many businesses to grow, trained hundreds of people, spoken on stages around the world, and has written two SEO business books.

There are many high quality SEO courses produced by respected SEO professionals available online, but Mark found that there was a missing gap as many people who took these courses could not relate the information to what they were doing. was born out of Mark's frustration working within a scripted checklist industry, so he decided to flip SEO learning on its head as not everything in SEO is the same and in order to find out the reality, we must go totally unscripted.

Unscripted SEO Initiatives

Unscripted SEO Group

Join the fully funded private Facebook group where you can ask SEO related questions as and when needed where there are never any stupid questions. Mark hosts a monthly unscripted webinar where he discusses all the latest SEO changes and chatter of that month.

Unscripted SEO Podcast

MUST WATCH/LISTEN SEO podcast where Mark invites the top achievers within the SEO industry onto his unscripted SEO podcast to share their personal experiences, knowledge and opinions. It's 100% unscripted, 100% unrehearsed, 100% unedited, and 100% real. Full of honest questions.

Unscripted SEO Meetup

A monthly free to attend in-person SEO meetup that is hosted in Preston, Lancashire, UK. Ideal for anyone who has a passion for SEO who would like to chat with like-minded individuals. No speaker talks, no itinerary, no formalities, and strictly no sales pitches. Just respectful conversations.

Unscripted SEO Tips

Topic specific SEO tips and advice from some of the world's top SEO professionals. Short step by step actionable tips along with the related video. Expand your SEO knowledge one short tip at a time. Easy to follow and simple to understand for anyone in the SEO game.

Latest Unscripted SEO Podcast Guests

Doug Bradley

Taking the US Legal SEO Marketing Sector by Storm with Doug Bradley


Everest Legal Marketing

Gerry White

Navigating the Complexities of Modern SEO with Gerry White

VP of Growth

Mirador Local

Gareth Hoyle

Adapting to Industry Changes with Agency Director Gareth Hoyle

Managing Director

Marketing Signals

Kevin Indig

The Captivating Fortune 500 Growth Advisor Story of Kevin Indig

Growth Advisor

Growth Memo

Apurva Bose

Growing Small Local Businesses Beyond the SEO Norm with Apurva Bose

VP of Operations & Strategy

Overtake Digital

Joe Fisher

Joe Fisher on Boosting Sales with Ecommerce SEO Grandchild Pages

eCommerce SEO Consultant

Fisher SEO

Latest Unscripted SEO Tips

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